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About Me

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My Background 


My name is Eva Hogan and I am the founder of CareeHQ. I have almost a decade of consulting experience managing large development software projects. I am a graduate of Georgetown University where I studied Linguistics and German. In 2021 I obtained my PMP certification. As a self proscribed life-long learner, I turned towards Executive Coaching. I am actively pursuing my Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential through the International Coaching Federation and Brown University's Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification.


I have a passion for leadership, team building, and relationship building help my clients drive their organizations towards common goals. My coaching focuses on helping people identify the next steps in their career - either by becoming a more effective member of their organization, or taking a leap of faith in another direction. My specialities are interpersonal communication, identifying values as motivating factors, and honing presentation skills. My goal is to help be unapologetically themselves.


As a highly intuitive person, it is my goal to help all of my clients identify their personal mission and to help them in taking the necessary actions to succeed. My sessions with clients build trust, confidence, motivation, and inspiration for the future. I help my clients clarify their vision, adjust their mindsets, and challenge them to execute personal and professional transformation.

Who I Help

I help professionals moving into leadership roles. These individuals are looking to define their own success and take charge of their own futures.

How I Do It

I use a number of one-on-one coaching sessions to define values, strengths and goals, and I partner with my clients to build a roadmap to execute those visions.

What's in It for You

You want the skills to become a better leader, a better team builder, and you want to take charge of your career.

Why I started Coaching

As I progressed in my career, I noticed a lack of leadership training. Companies are focused on cutting costs, moving to online trainings, and pushing towards growing the bottom line, and have stopped focusing on the PEOPLE. I started coaching because I wanted to learn how to be a better leader, I wanted to define my own career goals (i.e. not pushed in a direction to satisfy expectations). In taking the reigns of my career and defining my own path, I realized that I'm not the only one looking to take back the power. I'm here to help others be the CEO of themselves.

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